Oyster hatchery operations in Greenport, Long Island, New York.

Our proof of concept is a mobile oyster hatchery constructed in a 40-foot container situated at Greenport, Long Island, New York. The second phase is expanding and scaling from land-based to mobile ship operations including fin-fish spawning's.

Oyster Hatchery

Hatchery operations are built into a 40 foot mobile container. In August 2020 160 million juvenile oyster larvae were spawned and successfully fertilized. The largest juveniles were then selectively screened due to limited tank capacities and the best 1 million juveniles were settled for grow out and transferred to the floating upwellers.

Upwellers & Rafts

The upweller’s capacity is 2 million juveniles. Within 4 months oysters grow to approximately 3/4 inch or 20 mm and moved to the rafts with a capacity of 4.5 million maturing oysters growing to a size of 1.5 inches or 75 mm before moved to the bay.

Who We Are